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72% Project Completion: 25% Ownership Opportunity


Commercial Real Estate

31 July 2024

Step into a world where six diverse cultures converge in one remarkable retail destination, strategically positioned in the heart of Erbil. Each section of our mall tells a unique story, offering a curated selection of handmade treasures that cater to the city's booming economy and expanding consumer market. Why Invest? Strategic Progress: Join a project already at a 72% completion milestone, indicating robust progress and minimizing initial risks. High Returns: With an investment of $2 million USD for a 25% ownership stake, the estimated returns are promising. Anticipate sales income of $3,125,000 and monthly rental and service fees, ensuring a lucrative opportunity. Market Demand: Erbil's market is ripe for innovation, and with a total rentable area of 20,000 SQM, Connectly24's high-profile client is perfectly positioned to meet and exceed the growing demand for entertainment and shopping. Innovative Vision: Our project's unique fusion of handmade wonders and immersive cultural engagement sets it apart, guaranteeing a distinct offering and long-term success. Strategic Partnership: Investors not only gain a stake in the client's business but also secure a coveted board seat, allowing active involvement in steering the project towards success. Don't miss this chance to be part of a groundbreaking venture that promises sustained profitability and market prominence. Contact us today to explore investment opportunities and secure your place in Erbil's thriving retail landscape!

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