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Modular 100 MW Kinetic Power Plant in Kurdistan, Iraq



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Project Overview: Located in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq, the project aims to establish a 100 MW Kinetic Power Plant (KPP) to address Iraq's electricity shortage. Utilizes patented KPP technology based on Archimedes' principle, offering simplicity and low maintenance. Advanced-stage development with secured land, ongoing preparations, and evaluation of turnkey implementation offers. Market Opportunity: Iraq faces severe electricity shortages, with demand projected to double by 2030. Government push for clean energy solutions creates a favorable investment climate. Competitive Advantage: KPP technology offers efficient power generation, tested and approved with successful pilot installations. Strategic location, close proximity to grid connection, and competitive long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) ensure sustainable revenue. Investment Benefits: Projected IRR of 24.8% and payback period of 7 years offer attractive returns. Permits secured, feasibility study completed, and project insurance available, mitigating risks. Experienced management team and additional investment opportunities with planned expansion sites enhance investor confidence. In summary, investing in this project presents a compelling opportunity to tap into Iraq's growing energy demand, driven by government initiatives for clean energy. With advanced-stage development, proven technology, and attractive financial projections, the project offers sustainable returns for investors in the renewable energy sector.

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