Crude Oil and Fuel Oil Used at Power Stations in Iraq

Crude Oil and Fuel Oil Used at Power Stations in Iraq

Published about 2 months ago at 28 May 2024

In simple terms, from January 2015 to June 2023, the amount of crude oil supplied to Iraqi power stations changed a lot, going from 112 kb/d to 265 kb/d. Monthly numbers didn't follow a steady pattern, suggesting changes in how much power was needed, how things were run, or when maintenance happened. Because we don't have data for some months, it's harder to figure out exactly why these changes happened. But it's really important to understand what caused these ups and downs so we can manage Iraq's energy better.

Data: Between January 2015 and June 2023, crude oil was used at Iraqi power stations in thousand barrels per day (kb/d), sourced from the Joint Oil Development Initiative.

Key Points:

▪The supply of crude oil fluctuated over time.

▪Monthly variations indicated changes in needs or operations.

▪Data was missing for some months.


▪Initially, the supply ranged from 112 kb/d to 223 kb/d.

▪Fluctuations occurred without a clear pattern.

Recent Period (Jan-22 to Jun-23):

▪The supply ranged from 100 kb/d to 265 kb/d.

▪A slight downward trend was observed.


▪Fluctuations may be attributed to shifts in demand, maintenance, or other factors.

▪Understanding the reasons behind these fluctuations is crucial for improved management.